Record and watch TV on your phone.

With TV now, you can record and watch TV on your Optus 3G compatible phone and enjoy the convenience of your favourite shows when you're on the go.

Getting Started

* Only available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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What is Optus TV Now

Optus TV Now allows you to record and watch later free to air TV shows on either your mobile or your PC. It allows you the freedom to record TV shows anytime, anywhere to play back later at your convenience wherever and whenever you want.

Best of all this is now included in all Optus mobile plans* and is so simple to use.

Optus mobile customers are entitled to 45 minutes free storage each month but if you need more room, we have a range of plan options to suit your needs.

*Prepaid Turbo Max plans excluded.

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Schedule recordings via your
mobile and computer

Scheduling via the TV Guide is very simple and easy to use. You can search for your favourite TV show by day, by time of day or by the channel it appears on. Once you find your favourite TV show simply click the record button right next to the listing and your TV show will automatically be scheduled to record. You can record a TV show from either your mobile or PC.

Watch recordings from your
mobile and computer

Once a TV show has recorded simply click on the green button indicating the show is ready to be played back and enjoy your show. You can view your recorded TV show from either your mobile or PC. Once you've watched your show you can simply delete the recording and manage your storage limit to keep on recording & watching depending upon your storage plan limit.

Series recordings

If you simply cannot miss a single episode of your favourite series, Optus TV Now allows you the option to series link your favourite show.

No data charges

Watch full length TV shows, news, movies or whatever you like with the freedom and knowledge of knowing there will be no data charges on your mobile device.

Shows are stored in the cloud not on your mobile device or PC

Shows are kept in the cloud for you to access for up to 30 days.

Cool Customer Benefits

Impress your friends and keep up to date with what's happening on TV. Never be left out of the discussions around the water cooler about last night's TV show. Have a hectic schedule and always busy? No problem! Optus TV Now allows you to record TV shows while on the go or at the office and you can view them later at your own convenience when things get a little quieter!

Plans & Storage

See what Optus TV Now options your current plan provides:

Your Optus 3G compatible mobile gives you 45 minutes free storage. If you need more storage take a look at these storage options below. Record and store up to 20 hours of free-to-air TV at any time. You can record, watch, delete and repeat as much as you like for up to 20 hours at a time.

safe small

45 Minutes


Included in all Optus 3G compatible Mobile Plans

safe medium

5 Hours

$6.99 per month

safe big

20 Hours

$9.99 per month

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